Frequently Asked Questions

Information requests, queries and notices to the company and the answers supplied.  

What does Promercium do?
Promercium is in the physical commodity trading business.

What is commodities trading?
Commodities trading is the buying and selling of raw materials. Examples of commodities are precious metals, like gold and silver, agricultural products, such as cocoa, and energy products, including oil and natural gas.

Which commodities do Promercium trade?
The Company focuses on trading oil and petroleum products such as crude, gasoline, fuel oil, natural gas, and biodiesel.

Why do commodities trading houses exist?
Because commodities are not produced where they are consumed. Commodities trading houses take the risk of moving commodities from A to B.

Where do Promercium operate?
Promercium serves customers worldwide.

Where is Promercium located?
Promercium is headquartered in Leoben, a Styrian city in central Austria, located on the Mur river.

Who owns Promercium?
Since 2016, Promercium has been majority owned by the company's Chairman and CEO, Maurice Pointner.

In which sectors does Promercium target growth?
Among the sectors of Crude Oil, NGL, Light & Middle Distillates that that we currently operate in, we target to grow particularly in the fields of Light & Middle Distillates.