Promercium is a commodity trading company based in Austria and active in a wide spectrum of global energy markets including crude oil and refined petroleum products, natural gas and coal. It is legally registered in the United Kingdom and headquartered in Leoben.


Our field of activity

Geographic Arbitrage
We aim to source a product in one place, ship it, and then sell it at a higher price in another location – connecting low-cost producing regions with high-demand growth markets. Learn more

Time Arbitrage
We seek to buy a commodity at a certain time, and sell it at a different time at a higher price. Learn more

Technical Arbitrage
We aim to buy products, add value by blending and processing them, then sell them for a higher price. Learn more


Crude oil
We help producers to effectively market and distribute their daily production and understand the specific requirements and preferences of refiners worldwide. Learn more

Petroleum Products
We can tailor cargo specifications to suit a wide range of customers, from petrochemical consumers and blenders to autogas and bottled gas consumers. Learn more

Middle Distillates
Diesel Fuel
We supply diesel globally and work with our partners to meet all their needs. Learn more

Middle Distillates
Jet Fuel
As a supplier of jet fuel, we understand the crucial importance of delivering on-spec products on time to prevent even the slightest delay. Learn more

Other Products
We are an efficient and realiable partner in the volatile bitumen market. Learn more


Promercium has rigorous policies and procedures in place to ensure that it complies with all relevant national and international legislation and regulation.

Promercium standard terms and conditions for sales and purchases of crude oil and petroleum products for all oil products

The Promercium standard terms and conditions for sales and purchases of crude oil and petroleum products are neutral terms on which Promercium buys and sells. The standard terms consist of (i) the BP Oil International Limited General Terms & Conditions for Sales and Purchases of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products 2015 and (ii) accompanying 2019 Trafigura amendments to BP General Terms and Conditions for sales and purchases of crude oil and petroleum products, 2015 edition, and are incorporated into all contracts for the sale and purchase of crude oil and petroleum products entered into by Promercium Ltd.